Thursday, July 16, 2015

MFW 1st Grade - Workboxes

Hello Everyone!  

I have been inspired by others curiosity to share our workbox system for...

My Father's World 1st Grade - Learning God's Story!!

First off, we LOVE our workboxes.  They're colorful and functional - Yay!!
This is the top of my cart for my 1st grader. I use the wire organizer (walmart) for the Teacher Manual and Student Sheets. Before we started, I put the student sheets in page protectors in a binder. It's handy bc I use a paper clip to attach the Four-Square cards and pieces inside a page protector so I don't have to use more ziploc bags.

 The Oh-Snap bin is from Thirty-One...I sell it so I ordered it and added empty toilet paper rolls inside to divide all her supplies.  
I apologize about the messed up print on the bin in the photo above.  The bins for both of my children are monogrammed with their initials so they don't fight over supplies, and I blurred out Rainbow's initial for privacy.

1st drawer (red): Crayons, glue, pencil sharpeners

 2nd drawer (red): 5 min devo book and her Bible 
(how we all start the day on the couch)

3rd drawer (orange): Math worksheets for the day and a cheap-o dry erase board from the Dollar General that I got for $1...seriously!
(for number of the day activity bc I was wasting a lot of paper on it for the first 9 days...haha!)

4th drawer (orange): Math manipulatives for daily lesson work. 
(We start with Math since its her hardest and she's sharpest right off in the morning)

5th drawer (green): Student workbook for LA/Reading

 6th drawer (green): Whatever science book we are in that week...I add supplies usually the night before for exploration day if they fit. 
(It's Thursday and they still haven't made it in...I'm slacking.)

7th drawer (blue): Drawing with Children book and supplies we're using. Right now, we are starting out with crayola markers and skinny sharpies for drawing. After we make it through the semester....she's getting Prismacolor supplies for Christmas (shhh!).

8th drawer (blue): 2 books for Read-Aloud time...they vary. Sometimes I forget and just let them pick from the bookshelf.  
Since its still summer and the local library has a weekly story-time on Tuesday afternoons, we use that day to return books and check out new ones.  Once summer and weekly story-time ends at the library, we'll probably switch it to Friday's exploration day.

9th and 10th drawers (purple): Extra supplies from the curriculum that we don't use every single day or just aren't using in this section of the curriculum.

So that is our system!  We purchased the deluxe edition and are currently in Week 3 of the curriculum and haven't opened the clock, flash cards, or cd yet. 

 Happy Work-boxing!!!


  1. I thought I had already sent this comment, but I don't see it. Sorry if it's a duplicate. Is your DD able to go through these drawers independently? Do you use some kind of checklist to make sure she's done everything for the day! Thanks!

    1. Hi, Jessi!
      Don't worry about a duplicate, I haven't seen another comment. :)
      My daughter is able to go through the drawers independently, but we do not use a checklist. She has just picked up on what goes where pretty quickly, according to color mostly. I use the checklist in the MFW Teacher's Manual to mark it off myself since we do a lot of it together.